The Story of Money Unveiled:

There is a story that’s never been told. . . about the co-evolution of money…and human consciousness. A story steeped in Mystery and grounded in historical fact; out of this story we invite you to step into a new way of looking at money and economics that is spiritual AND scientific.As we awaken to where we have been and where we are going in our engagement with money, we can inspire a new era of thinking about and implementing new economic practices. We believe that there are actions each of us can do to become more perceptive of our cash flow and as as we learn to balance our finances we will begin to balance the world economy – for the two are intertwined.

This site has arisen out of interactions between Eliah Rael, Arthur Edwards, and Eliah’s daughter, Elisha Celeste. Eliah and Elisha are a father/daughter research and writing team. Elisha helped to lay the foundation for the work with Money Unveiled and then stepped out to actively transform her own relationship to money. Gratefullly, as Elisha stepped out, Arthur stepped in. Arthur is one of the only graduates in the world to hold a diploma in a school of thought called Associative Economics. He brings his astute depth and breadth of economic thinking to Eliah’s historical acumen.


Money seems to be on everyone’s minds these days.

Governments are going broke, banks are failing and revolution is brewing all over the globe as people are waking up in a Big Way to the injustices occurring in the economic realm.

Right now we stand before a financial abyss that looks more ominous than anything the world has experienced previously because of the global scale.

As painful as this situation is, we can look at this time as a necessary period of growing pains, of feeling the unhealthy effects of our outdated and dying system. It’s also a chance for us to create something NEW.

But how can we move forward unless we know where we’ve been, what has shaped us and how the current system came into being?

No other force in existence has as much power to transform the world for better or worse as the meeting of human consciousness (or unconsciousness) with money.

We make money what it is; we make ourselves what we are; and thus we make our world.

What kind of world have we created?

Is this the world we really want?

Cracking the Code of an Evolutionary Mystery:

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase: ‘Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.’ And Einstein’s famous words: ‘You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking (or consciousness) that created it.’ 

If we are going to solve the ‘problem’ at hand, we might want to learn the story of money and the evolution of consciousness…and then begin to SHIFT our thinking, or consciousness. (When we change our thinking, we change the world).

Have you ever wondered:

What is money?

  • Where did it come from?
  • Who invented it?
  • What can its life story tell us about ourselves?

We will only arrive at a full understanding of these questions when we ask another of history’s great riddles at the same time, and that is:

What is the human being?

Human beings created money after all, and our relationship to money evolved into the current financial systems in place around the world. Meanwhile, money has directly influenced human evolution and consciousness.

In order to understand one, we must get to know the other. The two are inseparable.

To do this, we must go on a 2,500 year journey back in time, to the birth of money into the world; and trace this story through time back to the present crisis and the many solutions that await our inquiry.

As we awaken our slumbering souls and take up the task of our age – the transformation of the human spirit through its relationship with money in the modern world – we begin to walk in the footsteps of giants along a path of initiation that has the power to heal the world and each of us along with it.

This is the premise of our book and our programs under the theme Money Unveiled.

We are grateful you are here. We intend to honor your presence with offerings to help you refine and expand your perception of money and cash flow in your personal, business and organizational life.


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