The World as One Economy

earthstar_webThe world economic organism is seriously ill. It doesn’t take a trained economist to understand this. We all seem to feel it.

What can be done?

These days, when nations fail, economies falter and countries face imminent financial ruin, they go running to the World Bank, the Federal Reserve or the IMF (International Monetary Fund) for help. And they almost always get the handouts they seek. (Whether these handouts actually address the cause of the economic illness and create real solutions is another thing entirely).

But how do you bail out a planet?

earth_moneyWhere do we turn when the world before us crumbles into chaos? Who is going to bail us out as a worldwide socio-economic organism when there are no more wild places, no more diversity of thought, culture and ecology, and not enough food or shelter to go around?

Thankfully, that’s not the reality we face – yet.

The programs planned for this site seek to do what no World Bank can do.

And that is offer a bail out for the human spirit.

We want to inspire people to get radically curious about this epic mystery we call money and the effects it has had on our evolution and consciousness. For no other force in existence has as much power to transform the world for good or bad as the meeting of human consciousness (or unconsciousness) with money. It is precisely because money can retain only what meaning, value and energy that human beings apply to it that this is so.

We make money what it is; we make ourselves what we are; and thus we make our world.

Who invented money?

How did it come into the world?

Would we be the same today without it?

Can we even imagine a world without money?

We invite you to join us on an epic adventure as we reveal the secret history of money, its ancient origins and connection to the evolution of consciousness, how we got into this current financial crisis and what can be done now to create a more prosperous, sustainable and compassionate world economic model.

We thank you all for your support and enthusiasm for the release of this book!