Our Name ‘Money Unveiled’

The inspiration for the name, Money Unveiled, first came to Arthur Edwards, as the title for an article he published in New View Magazine in 2007. It is also the name of a workshop he gives and a chapter in his dissertation: Three Kinds of MoneyRudolf Steiner in the Development of Monetary Economics (Buckingham University 2009). Arthur is presently undertaking doctoral research at Bristol University exploring the nature of financial literacy and is a co-director of the Centre for Associative Economics which produces a monthly newsletter called Associate! Arthur is one of the collaborators on this site and we look forward to Arthur offering distance learning programs to support individuals and organizations in associative economics. To be the first to be notified of these programs kindly enter your name in the opt in box at the right.
The Spirit of Our Name
The name “Money Unveiled” inspires our mission and has many layers of meaning.
For instance, we plan on revealing a history of money that has never been illuminated before. We will also be peeling back the layers of money itself to get an honest definition of what money truly is in our present age.
We can learn essential life lessons as individuals and nations when we shine the light of consciousness on our many interactions with money.
When seen through the ‘veil’ of the evolution of consciousness, money truly comes alive and weaves a rich tapestry of historical drama that is more relevant than ever to make a study of today.
Egyptian papyrus showing Isis, called as "Mather of gods"The ancient Egyptian goddess Isis revealed profound Mystery Wisdom when she said: “I am the Past, the Present and the Future. No mortal has yet lifted my veil.”Isis is the Great Mother, Divine Feminine, Sophia…she is the keeper of cosmic wisdom and Great Mysteries of Time.

We are now living in an Age when this Divine Feminine wisdom has begun to work on us through our economic endeavors. We are finally capable of lifting her veil!

Can world economy become WISE? Healthy/Sustainable? Altruistic? Can it become a Divine expression of human consciousness?

The Dalai Lama said in 2008 that ‘The world would be saved by the western woman.’ Could he have meant that the world will be saved by the awakening consciousness of Divine Feminine emanating from the West (not just from women, but alive in men as well), and the entrepreneurial spirit blossoming alongside it?

To meet and cross the economic abyss that humanity currently faces – to rectify and reverse the rampant destruction of our earth and each other, to redeem the best of what makes us human and create the New Economic Paradigm – the veil of money must be lifted.

When we are willing to look head-on at our follies, weaknesses and challenges when it comes to money, as well as our strengths and achievements we begin to create a new paradigm.

When our relationships to money and world economy become transparent, the world will begin to heal and each of us along with it.

It is time for the Past, Present and Future to come to full consciousness.

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